Psychotherapy Fees

My therapy practice

I welcome the diverse Bay Area community to my psychotherapy practice. Typically I hold weekly 50 minute sessions with clients from 11am – 8pm Monday thru Thursday.

San Francisco therapy office location
My San Francisco therapy office is located in the heart of Noe Valley.
Address: 4155 24th Street, between Castro and Diamond streets.

Psychotherapy Fees

I work on a sliding scale basis to accommodate different levels of financial ability. My psychotherapy fees range from $150 – $180. I can be more flexible with my fee if you are available to come during the day. Call me at 415.721.3355 to discuss my sliding scale therapy fee structure and how we can accommodate your financial situation.

If we decide to meet for an initial therapy session, we will set your fee when we speak on the phone prior to our first session. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy so if you are unable to make our first appointment, please let me know in advance, and we can reschedule for a more convenient time.

I am not a provider on any insurance panels but I can give you a monthly receipt for you to submit directly to your health insurance. You may want to call your insurance and find out what your out-of-network mental health coverage is and the percentage of payment they cover for therapy sessions.