Guided Meditations

I recorded these guided meditations for anyone who is interested in using meditation to help improve their mental and emotional well-being. The meditations have many long term benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression while cultivating concentration, awareness, happiness and self esteem. I will be regularly adding more guided meditations to support different aspects of mental and emotional health.

Compassion Meditations

Compassion meditation practices help cultivate self-compassion as well as compassion towards others. These practices help to open up your heart and encourage you to be less defended and reactive in personal relationships. Compassion meditations are also very helpful if you are struggling with feeling isolated, not good enough or unlovable. The practices help bring a sense of connection and care towards yourself and others.

Tonglen Meditation (mp3, 10 minutes)
Tonglen meditation is a powerful tool for meeting any part of yourself that is suffering and learning how to hold that which is suffering with loving compassion. When you are able to care for your hurts with unconditional kindness, your heart naturally lets go of rigidity and opens to tenderness towards yourself and others. This guided meditation as I recorded it is influenced by Tara Brach’s approach to the Tibetan Buddhists’ practice of Tonglen.

Cultivating Generosity Towards Self (mp3, 10 minutes)
This meditation encourages cultivating positivity and generosity towards self by reflecting on an experience in your life that generated positive beliefs and feelings about yourself. Turning your mind to hold kindness and care towards yourself helps alleviate depression, anxiety, feelings of “not being good enough” and supports a more realistic self view.

Embody a Positive Sense of Self Meditation (mp3, 22 minutes)
This guided meditation helps reduces stress and cultivates positive self-esteem through connecting with the positive qualities of a healing mentor of your choosing who inspires you to access your innate ability to grow your wise and compassionate self.  The structure of this meditation is based on the Sevenfold Mentor Bonding practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Cultivating Mindfulness Meditation Series

This series of guided mindfulness meditations teaches you to steady your awareness on different objects of focus. You will learn how to reduce stress in your nervous system and develop comfort, ease and joy. When your nervous system is less stressed, your mind and body are less reactive, allowing you clarity of mind to make decisions and the ability to connect with family and friends in more open, flexible and loving ways. If you are new to meditation I recommend starting with Mindfulness of Breath. Once you feel comfortable with bringing your awareness to the breath then move on to the second and third guided mindfulness meditations in the series. These mindfulness practices are based on the Buddhist teachings of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness of Breath (mp3, 12 minutes)
This meditation guides you into a comfortable and stable meditation posture, and teaches the fundamentals of how to focus your awareness on the breath. This meditation helps relax the body and mind while cultivating alertness and concentration.

Mindfulness of Body Sensations (mp3, 20 minutes)
This meditation teaches how to focus your awareness on the breath as well as body sensations. By opening up your awareness to body sensations you become familiar with how your mind engages with unpleasant, pleasant and neutral experiences. This can helps reduce knee-jerk reactivity and grasping while promoting vital curiosity in your life.

All-Inclusive Mindfulness (mp3, 24 minutes)
This meditation reviews mindfulness of breath and body sensations in addition to introducing mindfulness of consciousness and mindfulness of all-experience. Here you will learn how to open your awareness to all four objects of focus.

Healing Physical Afflictions Meditation

Cellular Regeneration for Optimal Health (mp3, 15 minutes)
This 15 minute guided meditation helps visualize the body’s ability to heal areas that are experiencing any kind of physical affliction such as chronic pain, the flu, inflammation, lethargy and broken bones.  This mediation can also be used to bring calming energy to worry and anxiety, as well as uplifting and energizing energy to feelings of depression and hopelessness.

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