My Psychotherapy Specialties

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When we struggle with codependency we can be experts at taking care of everyone else and have trouble taking care of ourselves and trusting our instincts. And though there is frustration, it feels impossible to leave unhealthy relationships, or ask for the kind of emotional support and connection we need.
Learn more about codependency recovery.

Grief & Loss

When we are faced with loss we may feel alone, angry, anxious, and powerless in the face of the change. Often we feel emotionally and physically drained. We work together to support your individual experience and to understand how grief is affecting you emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Learn more about grief and loss therapy.

Healing Childhood Wounds

The powerful process of healing from physical, emotional or sexual abuse that happened to us in childhood allows us to understand why we have been holding ourselves back in life. The work gives us access to our deepest sense of self and loving ways to step into our skin and into our lives in new and important ways.
Learn more healing childhood wounds.

Finding Intimacy

Looking for a loving and fulfilling relationship can feel daunting if you are single and tired of dating. This can be a time when you feel deeply insecure about yourself and your ability to find love. I work with single people to help them discover what is keeping them from being in an intimate relationship.
Learn more about finding intimacy.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive arts therapy is a way to use our imagination and creative process to heal from psychological wounding.  Through any number of creative mediums such as painting, drawing, poetry, movement, collage or clay sculpture, we can access and heal the parts of ourselves that keep us from becoming our fullest self.
Learn more about my approach to expressive arts therapy.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy is a body-based approach to psychotherapy. It uses a combination of talk therapy and attention to sensations and movements in your body to help you be more aware of your internal experience and reaction to situations. Learn more about somatic psychotherapy.

Mindfulness Practices

For clients who are interested I can incorporate mindfulness practices into our psychotherapy work together.  Mindfulness practices can address a number of psychological issues.  Learn more about mindfulness practices.