My Specialties: Finding Intimacy

Being single and finding intimacy with the right partner

Looking for a loving and fulfilling relationship can feel daunting if you are single and tired of dating. This can be a time when you feel deeply insecure about yourself and your ability to find love. You may secretly feel ashamed that you are single and wonder if there is something “wrong” with you. Feelings of shame can be especially hard to bear if most of your friends are coupled and your family is putting subtle, or not so subtle, pressure on you to find a mate. You may feel panicked and anxious inside wondering how you will meet your life partner. And you may put a great deal of stress on yourself to “fix” the problem.

The longing to find intimacy and be in a loving relationship is a healthy desire. It is natural to want to share your life with someone. And it can be difficult to admit that as much as you want to be coupled there is some part of you that is holding you back. It may be that deep down you are afraid of being truly intimate with someone because of being hurt in past relationships or due to childhood wounds. You may also suffer from codependency.

How therapy helps people find more intimacy in relationships

As a therapist I work with people to help them discover what is keeping them from finding intimacy and being in a healthy relationship. Untangling your heart from buried fears and anxieties makes you more available to receive love and care from a partner. When your connection to your heart is unburdened from old ways of relating you have space to reconnect with the sensual, creative and intuitive parts of yourself. Therapy can help you feel engaged from within and re-energize you to open your heart and find more ease in being vulnerable and sharing yourself with another.

I can be reached at 415.721.3355 or by email to discuss how therapy can help remove the blocks that keep you from finding the loving relationship you desire.