My Specialties: Somatic Psychotherapy

What is somatic psychotherapy?

I have been trained in Sensorimotor psychotherapy which is a body-based approach to psychotherapy. This approach uses a combination of talk therapy and attention to sensations and movements in your body to help you be more aware of your internal experience and reaction to situations. Somatic (body-based) psychotherapy does not include touch and you do not have to have any experience or special skills to benefit from somatic psychotherapy.

How somatic based therapy heals

Our bodies are amazing antennae that can tell us about how we are feeling before our emotional experiences register in our minds. Because our bodies have this exquisite tracking system I help you learn to read your body’s signals so that long before you might be overwhelmed by a situation or feeling, you will know it is present and can decide how to respond. This type of somatic based psychotherapy can help you to be in touch with your instincts instead of being overwhelmed by physical sensations.

Somatic psychotherapy can help you heal from emotional and physical trauma, childhood wounds, as well as post traumatic stress. It is also helpful if you are recovering from surgery, illness or painful emotional experiences such as grief and loss.

My approach when working with people in therapy is to address both the body and mind in a skillful and compassionate way. Tending to our somatic responses, as well as our mental and emotional responses, can help you heal more fully.

I can be reached at 415.721.3355 or by email to discuss how somatic psychotherapy could benefit you in your healing process.