My Specialties: Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness Practices

For my clients who are interested I incorporate mindfulness practices into our work together.  Here are some examples of mindfulness practices and the psychological issues they can address:

  • Breathing exercises help you reduce the intensity and frequency of panic attacks, stress from anxiety and lift depression.
  • Guided visualizations promote positive thinking and the ability to create a sense of well being and safety when you face difficult situations and memories.  The Maitreya Peace Meditation is an example of this kind of meditation.
  • Concentration meditation teaches you to have a stable and calm mind that can let go of disturbing thoughts and distractions.
  • Metta meditation encourages you to develop loving-kindness towards yourself and reduces the power of your internal critic and perfectionist.  As the practice progresses you learn to extend loving-kindness not only to yourself, family and friends, but also to strangers, enemies and eventually all living beings.
  • Body awareness practices give you a fuller picture of where you store emotional stress and ways to release it.  Body awareness increases your ability to sense your feelings so that you can make choices in situations instead of blindly reacting.
  • Movement meditation helps to further release tensions or feelings that are stored in your body so that you can experience relief from difficult emotions as well as full embodiment of positive self-expressions.

I have also created guided mindfulness meditations that can be used to reduce anxiety and depression while cultivating a more open, calm and focused mind.

I can be reached at 415.721.3355 or by email to discuss how we can work together using mindfulness practices that suit your specific needs.