Psychotherapy Services: Individual Therapy

How therapy heals

Overtime it can feel deeply healing, and a great relief, to be able to express those parts of yourself that you experience as unacceptable, confusing or overwhelming. I will meet these aspects with skill, playfulness, curiosity and heartfelt attention so that we can look together at the roots of what is causing your distress. I hope that our therapy sessions become a place where your life experiences can be looked at from many different angles, creating the possibility for positive change, and new ways of moving through the world.

How I practice individual therapy

Within the safety and care of the therapy session, we get interested in your fullest self so you can choose which parts you want to grow and nurture, and which parts need to be transformed because they no longer serve you in healthy ways. My approach to individual therapy is to work together to help you make healthy choices about who you want to be in the world and how you want to interact with others.

Therapy can help you get relief for your specific challenges

As a therapist I work with people on many issues including:

I can be reached at 415.721.3355 or by email to discuss how we can work together on your specific therapy needs.