Receive skillful, heartfelt psychotherapy

At the heart of my work as a therapist I help people learn the remarkable ability they have to make positive change for themselves. So often when we feel sad, hurt, confused, or lost we forget that change is possible. A part of us becomes convinced that there is no way out of the heavy, numb or anxious feelings we carry inside. We judge and criticize our thoughts and actions. We may push away friends and family. And we can lose the ability to see ourselves as vibrant, flexible and creative beings.

With care, skill, playfulness and heartfelt attention I bring a new perspective to your specific situation. As a therapist I get interested with you about how to respond to your inner conversations, and outer world interactions, in ways that create more love and happiness in your life, instead of creating more stress. When we feel safe and seen for who we are, with all of our spirit and foibles, we can access our ability to change in healthy ways.

When we realize that we are not stuck in any one way of being, we become curious, passionate, kind, and caring with ourselves and others. This informs my approach as a psychotherapist with the people I work with. When you have the direct experience of creating positive change in your life, and overtime learn you are skilled at creating long lasting change, you can meet life’s challenges from an internal place of security, flexibility and competence.

Everyone who comes to my psychotherapy office, no matter how distressed they may be, has that part of them that is longing to feel fulfilled and enjoy their lives. The decision to seek therapy tells me that a part of you wants to stop living in distress and wants to reset and restore. Instead of making decisions based on reactions to stress and threat, you can learn to make choices from a centered and creative place. As a psychotherapist I work with you to break negative emotional cycles and support you to open up to fresh information about yourself, the world and your options for relating to both.

How I help the people I work with in psychotherapy

Whether you are seeking therapy due to current life stressors, or issues that have their roots in childhood experiences, we work together to find the best approach for your specific therapy needs. Many of the people I work with in therapy feel relief as soon as the first therapy session because they feel seen in their distress. When we have the experience of being listened to and connected with in non-judgmental and caring ways, we can engage more fully in our lives. You can begin to trust that you can move forward with your life in a way that includes getting the emotional support you need instead of trying to manage overwhelming feelings and situations on your own.

Working together in therapy we can bring a fresh perspective to many issues including:

Who I work with as a therapist

I welcome the diverse San Francisco and East Bay communities to my therapy practice. I have experience working with people from diverse cultural, economic, spiritual, and religious backgrounds. I work with both straight and LGBTQ clients, as well as individuals and couples.

How to contact me

If you are curious to know more about how we can work together and my approach as a psychotherapist, you can contact me by email or by phone 415.721.3355. Please let me know some good times when I can reach you and I will return your call within 24 hours Monday – Friday.