The Psychology of a Cancer Sun Sign & Cancer Rising

As the summer solstice approaches (Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 9:39 AM PDT) so does the change of astrological signs from Gemini to Cancer.  If you are a Cancer sun sign, or Cancer rising, here are some of the basic psychological life themes that you will want to keep an eye out for.  These themes will help you grow and mature into your adult self.

*Define and Build a Safe Internal Emotional Home:  For Cancer suns signs and Cancer ascendants it is critical that you anchor yourself in emotional security.  Without an internal sense of emotional well-being you can get caught in the ups and downs of your emotional tides and constantly seek comfort outside yourself.  If you rely on others to soothe you then you can become dependent on external resources that may not always be available.  Always looking outside yourself for emotional grounding can keep you attached to being the Eternal Child that requires the care of others to find emotional equilibrium. It is key to develop your emotional resilience.  In this way you become a nurturing and wise guide for yourself and others.  By learning that you have access 24/7 to a sense of internal safety and comfort, you’ll be able to teach others how to develop this unlimited resource.

Meditation can be a great way to navigate emotional upheavals.  When we are in a psychological storm, or facing a new challenge, sometimes we can forget all the good things that are happening in our life.  Meditation can help us hold both that which feels edgy as well as that which is working in our lives.  I have a number of guided meditations that may help.  Try one or two and see if they resonate for you.

*Learn How to Nurture Yourself:  An important element to defining and building an internal sense of emotional well-being is learning what nurtures you in a healthy and vital way.  Make a list of the things that you currently do that feel nurturing, that are real soul food for you.  For example, maybe cooking a healthy meal for yourself, or walking in nature, or spending some time recharging at home with a good book bring you emotional grounding and relief.  Keep a running list of nutrient dense psychological food and add to it so that you see how you define and build a compassionate and loving psychological home for yourself.  It can be interesting to see how the list might change over time.  If you are having stomach aches and pains, this is a sign that you need to adjust how you are nurturing yourself.

*Connect with your Chosen Family: Family, ancestral roots and clan traditions are all very important to Cancers.  You have a wonderful sensitivity towards keeping family connected and family traditions alive.  It is important that as you mature you weed out the family psychological patterns and traditions that are limiting and non-nurturing.  Do not get stuck in the past!  And be aware of growing a chosen family of friends that you can create a sense of home and traditions with.

*Let your Ambition Express Itself:  As a Cancer you are very ambitious.  You are creative and can help move the world in new and exciting directions while also taking into account important lessons from the past.  It is possible to balance your love of family with going out into the world and focusing your ambition in the work arena.  You will not ultimately be satisfied just being at home.  Being active, and connecting to your larger community, is important for stepping into an adult sense of self with a high degree of satisfaction.

If you are interested in an astrology reading feel free to contact me, or read more about my approach to astrology readings.

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Recommended Astrology Books

Often I am asked by clients what astrology books I recommend for someone who is interested in getting a better understanding of the basics of astrology.  Here are some of the books that got me started when I first discovered astrology.

* Making the Gods Work for You by Caroline Casey
* Anything by Liz Greene, especially Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil
* The Only Way to Learn Astrology by March & McEvers
* Planets in Transit by Robert Hand
* The Astrology of Self-Discovery by Tracy Marks
* Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart
* Rulers of the Horoscope by Alan Oken
* Astrology, A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey
* Anything by Howard Sasportas, especially The Twelve Houses and The Gods of Change
* Key Words for Astrology by Banzhaf & Haebler

If you are interested in an astrology reading feel free to contact me, or read more about my approach to astrology readings.

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